Corona 6 for Cinema 4D release

Chaos Czech has announced the release of Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D. New features include distance-aware materials, a new sky model that can accurately depict twilight […]

PolyCloth ClothBrush Plugin for 3dsMax 3D model

PolyCloth is a multi-threaded & C++, physics-based cloth brushes plugin for 3dsMax developed by PolyDesign. Physics based PolyCloth allows you to: Add wrinkles and folds to your meshes with a powerful […]

Microsoft joins the Blender Development Fund

Microsoft joins the Blender Development FundMicrosoft had joined the Blender Foundation’s Development Fund as a Corporate Gold member per July 1st, 2020, alongside existing members […]

The Render Stacks

On july 20th, Changsoo Eun has announced that a new render pass and generic taskmanager for 3dsMax calledRenderStacks.It has finally released! This product has similarities […]